What People Say

What People Say

Pam Lewy,Director of Marketing and Communications at Levain Bakery

“When it came to our hyper-local marketing strategy, Allyson delivered strategically and executed activations with precision. Working closely with our team to bolster marketing efforts for Levain Bakery in Williamsburg, Allyson was able to bridge important relationships and tailor our marketing efforts to meet goals, while staying true to our brand values and mission.”

Dr. Lauren Becker,General Dentist and Owner, Dr. Lauren Becker

“Working with Allyson and Stoneshine has been even better than I ever could have imagined. She is extremely professional, follows through on her word, and always delivers. She entertains all of my crazy ideas. My brand has reached levels well beyond my wildest dreams and I know as we continue to work together, the sky’s the limit. I look forward to not only a long partnership, but a friendship as well!”

Lululemon,Alexis Narad, Community Manager, Lululemon

“Working with Stoneshine Ventures has helped me reach the community in a way that wouldn’t be possible on my own. Allyson creates a space for meaningful collaborations and brand growth, especially in North Brooklyn. Her authenticity and positive energy always makes me feel valued and heard.”

Jill Pavlov,Owner of Your Creative Concierge

“Allyson defines “chutzpah” in marketing, business and beyond. She is the type of person who will do whatever it takes to get the job done and to ensure her clients are satisfied. She’s naturally personable and her genuine caring nature shows through in everything she does, as anyone who has worked with her knows that she will be your #1 cheerleader, greatest asset and biggest fan. ”

Dr. Sage Pollack,Owner, Dentistry of Colorado

“I highly recommend working with Allyson and her team if you are looking for serious growth! I have seen a huge boost in my business. We now target and attract the right types of patients that I’ve always wanted because of Stoneshine Ventures. “

Dr. Daniel Di Cesare,Owner of Marine Dental Services and Shore Dental

“I highly recommend Stoneshine Ventures for your marketing needs. Allyson has quickly become an invaluable and integral part of our team. In an industry that is often difficult to quantify our return on investment on Stoneshine Ventures Marketing has been immediate! Allyson truly understands the dental industry and the distinction between “customers and patients” and “clinics and dental practices.” That is something that can’t be taught.”

Rizzi Stigliano,Public Relations Consultant

Working with Allyson is truly like having a partner. With Allyson, I am able to have transparent conversations on how together we can create magic for the brands and people she works with. With every chat we have, you can tell she truly cares and is passionate about the work that she does. She crosses every “T” and dots every “I”. A true brand-building powerhouse, she is smart, strategic, and talented, and I feel extremely lucky to work alongside her.

Erin Emmett,Chef & Owner
Pistachio Culinary Studio & Experiences

“I reached out to Allyson in 2020 in search of someone who could help manage my social media posts. After one phone call where I spilled all my pandemic challenges, entrepreneurial woes as well as future hopes and dreams, it was clear that Allyson was much more than my answer to social media management. Within a month’s time, Allyson and her colleagues at Stoneshine Ventures completed a rebrand of my logo, name, website and marketing materials. She refused to let me over obsess on every little detail – putting things into perspective when my entrepreneurial idiosyncrasies started to come out. A project that I would have mulled about for 8 months before making a final call, was worked through and completed thanks to her persistent questioning and energized drive to get to the finish line. In the many difficult moments of doubt or logistical challenge, Allyson’s optimism is relentless and always shines through in the best possible way. She is the perky cheerleader, the wise grandmother, the persistent salesperson, the penny-pinching uncle, the opinionated little sister, the well-connected best friend and the overprotective mom who remotely books you a parking spot in Times Square when you’re crying from stress. She’s a powerhouse of a human and so much more than any one title affords.”

Sadie Villano,Head of Events & Partnerships, URBN Playground

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Allyson on events and marketing for businesses near the communities we serve. She is absolutely amazing at what she does. She is passionate, has awesome follow up, is very flexible, and accommodating which makes my job so much easier! She truly cares about growing her clients’ businesses and has been an absolute delight to work with.”

Dr. Lilya Horowitz,Founder and Owner, Domino Dental

“I frequently get asked by colleagues what I’m doing that is working so well and my answer is always ‘Allyson!’. Working with Stoneshine Ventures to help market my office and raise brand awareness locally has been a great experience. Allyson’s creativity and expertise has helped me grow my startup dental practice by bringing many new patients in. I have felt positively overwhelmed in the best way with the amount of leads she has generated as a result of her marketing strategy and campaigns.”

Meredith Gieskes,Chief Marketing Officer at HeyMama

“A very talented marketer and communications expert, Allyson has both the experience and demeanor to be successful in any situation. I tapped her to be our marketing team lead while I was out of the office for an extended period, and she did an exceptional job. Particularly adept at thinking strategically for a brand, she’s a keen decision-maker who can be trusted with any and every marketing goal, especially when it comes to streamlining digital marketing efforts. If you’re considering hiring her for a marketing-related project, you will be in good hands.”

Hannah Howard,Editor-in-Chief, Parent.com and Best-Selling Author

“Working with Allyson is a genuine joy. She’s a warm, invaluable teammate, a creative and sharp thinker, and a talented marketer and strategist who gets results. She has a sharp eye for detail, an engaging voice, and a thoughtful and effective approach to everything she touches. Allyson helps brands grow in substance, style, engagement and reach. She brings great ideas and seamlessly puts them into place. She would be a true asset to any company or project.”

Leah Wiseman Fink,Life & Business Coach and Co-Founder, B’nai Brooklyn

“Allyson loves the North Brooklyn neighborhood more than anyone I know. You’ll often find Allyson befriending parents on the playground or connecting with someone new in line to get coffee. She’s always working on behalf of small businesses and organizations to make the community stronger. Not only is she the friendliest neighbor, she’s also one of the most hardworking, detail-oriented and creative marketing professionals in the business.”

Dr. Steve Cohen,Owner of Livingston Smiles & Ironbound Dental and President of the NJ Board of Dentistry

“I am incredibly lucky to have been introduced to Allyson. I was a bit skeptical about another marketing person who had all of the answers for my dental practice. Allyson proved to be different. We are a team, she actually took the time to learn about my practice, my staff and my patients. She has tailored a plan specific to my goals and we have worked together to help me hone what my goals should be. Her team has engaged my staff and empowered them to help create an environment that allows us to communicate our vision of dentistry to our patients and colleagues. It’s a relief that now my focus is on my patients and my marketing and social media component is better served by someone as conscientious and innovative as Allyson. I cannot thank her enough for helping me and my staff provide an all encompassing patient experience.”

Alex Bizimana,Founder, Rafa’s Restaurant

“Allyson is the kind of person you get lucky enough to come across once in a lifetime. I am humbled and grateful to have their support for Rafa’s Restaurant. Allyson created a business plan and brand identity to help us launch a new business in my village. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the tremendous amount of insight, care and compassion that Allyson offers.”

Adriane Stare,Postpartum Doula & Babywearing Educator

“Allyson came highly recommended to me and meeting her was kismet. Not only is she incredibly personable and proactive, but her attention to detail, keen eye for design, and marketing skills were invaluable assets that took me from a fleeting idea to a fully-packaged brand. Every meeting with her was both validating and productive, like a therapeutic conversation with your very best friend who knows how to listen deeply and solve all your problems at the same time. Our work together helped me create a knock-out brand identity and full presentation suite that resonates with my customers, defining my business the way I had only been able to see in my dreams. Hire her immediately!”

Eric Green, VP,Global Creative Director Global Marketing Kids2

“Stoneshine Ventures is my secret weapon for select corporate communications. I love Allyson’s talents, personality and thoughtful approach to creative storytelling.”